Nantes Airport Transport

In this page you’ll find information about transport options at Nantes International Airport.

Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE), is an international airport serving Nantes in France. Concretely, the airport is located in Bouguenais, about 10 km away from Nantes city centre. At NTE Airport you can find the following transport options:


You’ll find several buses departing constantly from Nantes Atlantique International Airport and going to Nantes city centre and to many other destinations in France. A bus ride from NTE Airport to Nantes city centre may take around 20 minutes, always depending on the exact destination. Check out more information about the bus options and details at NTE International Airport.

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Car rental:

Renting a car in the Nantes city (at NTE Airport) is a great idea if you want to travel around France. Find your best option with our search engine. A car ride from NTE Airport to Nantes city centre takes around 20 minutes (always depending on the exact destination). There are also some car rental companies at the terminal of Nantes International Airport.

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You’ll find a wide rank of taxis at Nantes International Airport (NTE). The taxi ride to Nantes city centre should take 20 minutes, but it will always depend on the traffic and on the destination. Check out more details about all types of taxi and shuttle services and their avarage fares from Nantes Airport.

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